Dr. Swatch Is Challenging Bond, James Bond!

Is swatch strayed from the right path? In a surprising and the licence to mischievous action, the Swiss manufacturer of fashion watches has beaten watches on the side of the opponents of the world’s most famous gentleman spy.

Dr. Swatch Is Challenging Bond, James Bond!
“We have discovered the dark side of the myth, and we love them–it’s absolutely fascinating,” confesses Swatch Group Chairman Nicolas G. Hayek, alias Dr. Swatch. To prevent any misunderstandings, the enterprising promoter and Ankurbler of the Swiss plastic watch explains the interest of the villains from the bond Adventures: “James Bond in Ian Flemings of novels, nor as action movie hero existed, he would have to fight not powerful villains. His opponents and their cronies play a crucial role for the bond myth.

“Because after all James Bond owes its popularity to a no small part of the diabolical genius and power again and again emerging enemies.”

And it gets better: bonds counterparties have swatch to a totally new collection inspired, early September on the market you want to reach. The Swatch 007 villain collection is a recognition for the entertainment value of the villains in the 22 James Bond Strip, started with Dr. No to the next adventure quantum of solace.

All watches in the collection are reminiscent of the most diabolical counter games bonds: charismatic, but armed to the teeth and cunning bis aufs Blut. Who can forget already Dr. No with his stylish appearance and the metal hands? Or the nasty Oddjob, who like to put his melon as a deadly projectile.

Swatch is no stranger the handling of exceptional phenomena. For example, the sports watches. The brand is known as a supporter of exceptional athletes in freestyle disciplines, which are like feeling your way to the limits of what is possible. The names of heroes and disciplines are on everyone’s lips. Whether freestyle snowboarder Geraldine Fasnacht, Freestyle-Motocross-crack mat Rebaud, or more extreme sports – swatch loves all athletes providing services outside the normal limits.

The Swatch 007 villain collection pays tribute to the great benefits of another kind: acting. Christopher Walken’s malicious Max Zorin deserves a stylish retrograde; Gerd Froebe’s Goldfinger Gets a massive, golden irony THE Chrono; Lotte Lenya’s Rosa Klebb is godmother to an Irony Lady, who beefed up comes with a pair of shock rings. And homage to Casino Royale and mad Mikkelsen’s descendant of evil, Le Chiffre, collection grease also an irony big with an evil, ACE of spades.

There are, of course, there is a whole series of another suspect, but for which the curtain rises only in a few weeks.

With a mischievous grin stirs up Nicolas G. Hayek, founder and boss of the world’s largest watch manufacturer Swatch Group, expectations for the Swatch 007 villain collection: “OMEGA is the watch brand of the confidence of James Bond, but really interesting villains prefer swatch.”